What is uncover?

Uncover is a series of Studies aimed at people investigating who Jesus is.
The Studies examine the book of Luke in the Bible and provide discussion questions, highlight key points and provide QR codes to videos which explore some of the questions which are raised in the study. See the video below for a taster:


Uncover Gospel

As well as the Uncover studies, we also have some Uncover Lukes gospels. Much like the Uncover studies, the Gospels have been printed with QR codes which explore questions such as 'If God is a loving God, why does he allow suffering'.
The Uncover Gospel project was launched at the beginning of September 2012 and at the moment we only have a limited number of copies. So you'll have to use your Gideon's for now ;)
See this video for more information about the Uncover Gospel Project:

What about this 'Jesus' that the Uncover studies are about? - Did he exsist?

Short answer is yes, there are many sources that backup that Jesus exsisted and caused a commotion in Jerusalem, both from old Bible scrolls that were discovered and from Scolars at the time.
For the longer, more detailed answer see here

The Uncover studies look at what went on to cause the commotion; what was this Jesus doing to cause such a stir?

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