Progress Update

 Well I suppose I should make use of this short email newsletter to tell you where we're at so far.. so I will.

As it stands, we've got the basics done. By basics, I mean the basic basics; we've got the Website sorted, the Union's happy with our forms, we've got a day for the main meeting and BBQ sorted and Finally have the Aston common room booked for the nights we want - Winning.

Another cool thing we've managed to secure: The freshers BBQ can go ahead and will be publicised by the Union!!
I explained to the Union that there's not really a GIAG we can do, so could we just stick on a BBQ and give out a load of burgers - To my surprise the Uni was like "Yeah go for it!" (I would have expected a "I suppose you might be able to.." reaction)
So we seem to be in their good books!

The main job which is outstanding is booking speakers. If anyone has any contact lists of people who could speak, I would love to have their email address/ FB/ other contact details so I can book them!
We're running out of time and I'm starting to feel stressed out by our unorganisedness for this vital part of CU :s
- If you do have any click HERE and send me an email (ooh email links)

So that's where it's at guys!

Stafford Christian Union

Networks: Staffordshire University

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